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Laboratoire de physique de la matière condensée

Publications 2019 - Oxydes complexes fonctionnels

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  •  S Ben Moumen, Y Gagou, M Chettab, D Mezzane, M Amjoud, S Fourcade, L Hajji, Z Kutnjak, M El Marssi, Y El Amraoui, Y. Kopelevich, I. L. Luk’yanchuk :  Synthesis of La0.5Ca0.5−xxMnO3 nanocrystalline manganites by sucrose assisted auto combustion route and study of their structural, magnetic and magnetocaloric properties
    Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 30, 20459.
  • A IhyadnA LahmarD MezzaneL BihA AlimoussaM AmjoudM El Marssi and I A Luk'yanchuk : Structural, elelectrical and energy storage properties of BaO–Na2O–Nb2O5–WO3–P2O5 glass–ceramics system
    Materials Research Express 6, 115203
  • N Lamsakhar, M Hadouchi, M Zriouil, A Assani, M Saadi, A Lahmar, M El Marssi, L El Ammari: A novel alluaudite-type vanadate, Na2Zn2Fe(VO4)3: Synthesis, crystal structure, characterization and magnetic properties
    Inorganic Chemistry Communications 107, 107472
  • Z. Hanani, D. Mezzane, M. Amjoud, S. Fourcade, A. G. Razumnaya, I. A. Luk'yanchuk, M. Gouné
    Enhancement of dielectric properties of lead-free BCZT ferroelectric ceramics by grain size engineering
    Superlattices and Microstructures 127, 109
  • Luk’yanchuk, I., Y. Tikhonov, A. Sené, A. Razumnaya, and V. M. Vinokur
    Harnessing ferroelectric domains for negative capacitance

    Communications Physics
    2,  22
  • Lukyanchuk, E Zaitseva, V Levashenko, M Kvassay, S Kondovych, Yu Tikhonov, L Baudry, A Razumnaya,
    Ferroelectric multiple-valued logic units

    Ferroelectrics 543
    , 213
  • Gor’kovaya E. D., Tikhonov Yu. A., Torgashev V. I.,Mikheykin A. S., Lukyanchuk, I.,  Mezzane D., Ortega, N., Kumar A., Katiyar R. S., and Razumnaya A. G.,
    Properties of the low-frequency phonon spectra  of ferroelectric barium titanate-based heterostructures

    543, 36 
  • S Belkhadir, A Neqali, M Amjoud, D Mezzane, A Alimoussa, E Choukri, Y Gagou, I Raevski, M El Marssi, I A Luk’yanchuk, B Rožič, Z Kutnjak : Structural, dielectric and electrocaloric properties of (Ba0.85Ca0.15)(Ti0.9Zr0.1−xSnx)O3ceramics elaborated by sol–gel method
    Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics
    30, 14099 
  • MG Ghanem, Y Badr, Talaat A Hameed, M El Marssi, A Lahmar, HA Wahab, IK Battisha : Synthesis and characterization of undoped and Er-doped ZnO nano-structure thin films deposited by sol-gel spin coating technique
    Materials Research Express
    6 085916
  • H Zaitouni, L Hajji, E Choukri, D Mezzane, Z Abkhar, L Essaleh, A Alimoussa, M El Marssi, IA Luk'yanchuk : Dielectric relaxation and predominance of NSPT and OLPT conduction processes in Ba0.9Sr0.1TiO3
    Superlattices and Microstructures
    127, 176
  •  J Belhadi, J Ruvalcaba, S Yousfi, M El Marssi, T Cordova, S Matzen, P Lecoeur, H Bouyanfif: Conduction mechanism and switchable photovoltaic effect in (1 1 1) oriented BiFe0.95Mn0.05O3 thin film
    J. Phys.: Condens. Matter
    31 275701
  • S Belkhadir, S Ben Moumen, B Asbani, M Amjoud, D Mezzane, Igor A Luk'yanchuk, E Choukri, L Hajji, Y Gagou, M El Marssi : Impedance spectroscopy analysis of the diffuse phase transition in lead-free (Ba0,85Ca0,15)(Zr0.1Ti0.9)O3 ceramic elaborated by sol-gel method
    Superlattices and Microstructures
    127, 71
  •  O. El-sayed, WM Mousa, S K El-Mahy, MA Salem, IK Battisha, R Mahani, A. Lahmar, M El Marssi : Photoluminescence, structural, morphology and dielectric properties of BaTi0.9Sn0.1O3 doped with Nd3+ and Nd3+/ Yb3+ ions
    Journal of Scientific Research in Science
    36, 248
  • VG Trotsenko, A Lahmar, NV Lyanguzov, M El Marssi, VI Torgashev : Phase separation and local lattice distortions analysis of charge-ordered manganese films La1-xCaxMnO3-δ by Raman spectroscopy
    Superlattices and Microstructures
    127, 100


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